"Burdekin Downs" & "Oakey Park" - 27km of Burdekin River Frontage


SITUATION: Situated approximately 58km from Charters Towers and 150km from Townsville.

SERVICES: Twice weekly mail service shared (shared with A¢a‚¬A"Oakey ParkA¢a‚¬) School bus (38km), Telephone, mobile coverage on 80% of property, Satellite Broadband, Austar Connection, Digital T.V. programs, Rural Power to shed buried to house. Back up 10KVA Generator.

AREA: Total area 9245.195ha (22845 Acres)

TENURE: GHPL 11/697A Crown Plan BKN36 County of Burdekin Parish of Truro
5279-276 ha (13,045 Acres)
GHPL 11/736 Crown Plan BKN116 County of Burdekin Parish of Somer 3965.919ha (9,800 Acres)

LOCAL AUTHORITY: Charters Towers Regional Council

RATES: $8580 with discount.

COUNTRY: Mostly open Burdekin River loam flats running away to open Gidyea, Ironbark, Bloodwood & Box Country with some Blackbutt, Bauhinia & Emu Apple. Grassed with Buffel, Seca, Verano, Forrest Mitchell, Spear, Urachloa, & other natural grasses. A good mixture of loam soil types to darker soils running onto black soil pockets.

WATER: Approximately 14km single frontage to the Burdekin River.

Stud paddock dam: Approximately 8,000 yard capacity new holding paddock surrounding, empties into laneway to homestead yards, Spear Trap on paddock.

Hippy Dam: Approximately 5,000 yard capacity.

Limestone Dam: Approximately 10,000 yard capacity with bore 120ft deep. Pumps from 70ft and runs approximately 4,000 g/h. Pumps to 5,000 gallon fibreglass tank. Cement trough outside dam square. Holding paddock with steel spear trap empties into laneway to homestead yards. Approximately 4km to Homestead yards.

Stanley Mill: New 14A¢a‚¬a„¢ Comet Mill 35A¢a‚¬a„¢ Tower on bore 65ft deep & 28A¢a‚¬a„¢ to water & 2500 g/h and back up of 3 phase submersible pump & 5000 gallon steel tank & concrete round trough.

Sardine Mill: New 14A¢a‚¬a„¢ Comet on 35A¢a‚¬a„¢ Tower approximately 60A¢a‚¬a„¢ deep water at 20A¢a‚¬a„¢, 3500 g/h and pumps to 5000 gallon fibreglass Tank and concrete trough (4 lengths). New Holding Paddock with steel traps, mustering fence that leads to Bee Hive Yards.

Beehive Mill: New 14A¢a‚¬a„¢ Comet on 35A¢a‚¬a„¢ Tower, approximately 50A¢a‚¬a„¢ deep, water at 20A¢a‚¬a„¢. 5000 + g/h. Single phase submersible Pump to 5000 gallon Fibreglass Tank and round concrete Trough. New bore on other side of Arthurs Creek 100A¢a‚¬a„¢ Deep, 20A¢a‚¬a„¢ to water. 5000+GLN/HR jet pump suction pipes set up to connect.

AnnA¢a‚¬a„¢s Dam: 5000 yard approximately open Dam fenced with steel spear trips.

Telegraph Dam: 6000 yard approximately open Dam, new fenced with timber spears.

Cow Paddock Dam: 8000 yard approximately open Dam. New Holding Paddock with steel & timber spear trips. Laneway system to Beehive Yards.
Bore 120A¢a‚¬a„¢ Deep 80A¢a‚¬a„¢ to water at 5000+GLN/HR. Electric submersible pump to 10,000GLn Tank with troughs.

All boundary fenced and subdivided into seven main paddocks

Homestead stockyards built from portable panels. 700 head capacity.
Morrissey Branding Cradle, Vet crush on cement floor & under roof.
Water in yards from homestead tank via 1.5kms of 2inch poly pipe buried. Overhead six way draft, loading ramp. 5 holding paddocks surrounding yards, 1 paddock contains approximately 6000 yard dam, 2 paddocks watered from cement trough.
Beehive stockyards in Sardine Paddock consists of fixed portable panels with overhead 6- way draft, vet crush & loading ramp (capacity 500 head). 1 Holding Paddock.

IMPROVEMENTS: Homestead consists of 4 main bedrooms, office, linen room large living area, 2 bathrooms with gas hot water, kitchen with gas stove & hot water, air-conditioned bed rooms, reverse cycle air conditioners in lounge room, living area. Coldroom with new refrigeration motor in last two years. External laundry, separate kitchen block, store room, 1 bedroom & bathroom.
Electric pump approximately 800 g/h supplies the house via two 5000gallon tanks (poly). Water drains from a sand spear in steel cylinder in river bed.
House on pressure pump.
Fully enclosed hay shed with large sliding door, 6 bay machinery shed with power not connected.
3 room quarters with shower and toilet plus meathouse.
2 Bedroom Cottage with kitchen and bathroom.
3 Bedroom Cottage.

CARRYING CAPACITY: 2000 Mixed Cattle

GENERAL COMMENTS: A well improved property with wonderful Burdekin River frontage that boasts some of the best country in the Charters Towers District.

{Formally a part of Burdekin Downs}

SITUATION: 45km from Charters Towers to Homestead at A¢a‚¬A"Oakey ParkA¢a‚¬.
33 km to Charters Towers from Oakey Park boundary.
20 km Bitumen, 25 km Gravel, 137km to Townsville.

SERVICES: Satellite Austar. STD Telephone. Mail Service twice weekly
School Bus A¢a‚¬" 25km. 1000 metre Airstrip RFDS approved.
Saleyards at Charters Towers. Meatworks at Townsville.

RAINFALL: 683mm (Mean rainfall Charters Towers Airport)

AREA: 17391.934 Ha. A¢a‚¬" 42975 Acres

TENURE: Freehold Title Reference 50180653 A¢a‚¬" Crown Plan BKN804447
7092 Ha. County of Burdekin, Parish of West Burdekin
GHPL 11/697B A¢a‚¬" Title Reference 17655026, Crown Plan BKN105
6786.858 Ha. County of Burdekin, Parish of Truro
GHPL 11/650 A¢a‚¬" Title Reference 17655003 Crown Plan BKN34
3513.076 Ha. County of Burdekin, Parish of Truro

LOCAL AUTHORITY: Charters Towers Regional Council

RATES: Total Rates with discount $16830.00.

IMPROVEMENTS: Main homestead consists of 4 Bedrooms with built-ins. Main bedroom has Ensuite and 2nd Bathroom. Constructed in 1982 of brick veneer with large surrounding verandahs around the Residence. Airconditioned with ducted split system. Cold Room, Inground Pool & Pergola area, covered entertaining area. Well maintained gardens & lawns. Office, downstairs Laundry and Storeroom. Gas hot water & Stove.
MenA¢a‚¬a„¢s quarters constructed of Stone, built in 1960 with bathroom & toilet. Electric hot water.
3 Bedroom low set Residence fully airconditioned with split systems & surrounding verandah. Main bedroom walk-in robes. Electric hot water, underground sprinkler system.
5 Bedroom Residence with 2 Bathrooms, airconditioned split systems. Large entertaining area overlooking the Burdekin River. Gas hot water & Stove.
Large Hay Shed (partly enclosed)
Machinery Shed (Partly enclosed) with attached Meat House Coldroom adjoining
Power Shed with Back-up12 KVA Generator for all residences
Horse Yards & Stables
Electric Pump A¢a‚¬" Onga Jet pump on separate 240 Volt Power supply A¢a‚¬" pumps to 5000 gln overhead Tank gravity feed & pressure pump for residence.

COUNTRY: Mostly open stunted Bloodwood & Ironbark Goldfield country with Black Ti-Tree along creek. Some Gidyea & Blackbutt on Emu Apple block. Red & Black soils with areas of Limestone country. Areas of Seca, Buffel, Verano with natural Grasses.

WATER: Approc 13klm single frontage to Burdekin River.

Yard Bore A¢a‚¬" 2 Solar Panels (Tracking) on Bore 50A¢a‚¬a„¢-60A¢a‚¬a„¢ deep, 30A¢a‚¬a„¢ to water, 2500 glns hour2A¢a‚¬ delivery Poly pipe to 30,000 gln Tank at Yards. 2 Round troughs outside yards & 1 long concrete trough and 1 round trough inside Yards.

Brumby Bore A¢a‚¬" 45A¢a‚¬a„¢ deep 5000 glns hour with 10,000 gln Concrete Tank and Concrete Troughs.

Emu Apple Mill A¢a‚¬" 18A¢a‚¬a„¢ Comet Mill with 40A¢a‚¬a„¢ Tower with 30,000 gln Concrete Tank and Concrete Troughs with a Back-up Bore 60A¢a‚¬a„¢ and 5,000 glns hour supply with Kubota Petrol Jet Pump.

Rocky Bar Mill - 20' Comet Mill with 40A¢a‚¬a„¢ Tower with Bore 60A¢a‚¬a„¢ deep, 2400 glns hour. Back-up Bore 45A¢a‚¬a„¢ deep 2,500 glns hour with pipe coupled to Bore.

Limestone Mill - 12A¢a‚¬a„¢ Southern Cross on 40A¢a‚¬a„¢ Tower with well 29A¢a‚¬a„¢ deep with water at 17A¢a‚¬a„¢. Back-up Bore 63A¢a‚¬a„¢ deep and with water 29A¢a‚¬a„¢, 5,000 glns hour Kubota Petrol Onga Jet Pump

Lunch Mill A¢a‚¬" 14A¢a‚¬a„¢ Comet Mill on a 40A¢a‚¬a„¢ Tower on a well 32A¢a‚¬a„¢ deep and water at 28A¢a‚¬a„¢ with supply of 1500 glns hour. Back-up of Honda Jet Pump on well also.

Van Dam - Recently cleaned and extended

Pigeon Box Dam - Approx 15000 yard Dam. (Cleaned out 15 years ago)

White Glow Mill A¢a‚¬" 12A¢a‚¬a„¢ SX Mill on 40A¢a‚¬a„¢ Tower. Well 40A¢a‚¬a„¢ deep water at 15A¢a‚¬a„¢ A¢a‚¬" 2500 glns hour. (New Tank at House) with concrete Troughing.

Red Dam - 8000 Yard Dam (Cleaned out 15 years ago)

Peters Spring & Mill - 12A¢a‚¬a„¢ Comet A¢a‚¬" 35A¢a‚¬a„¢ Tower. Well 45A¢a‚¬a„¢ deep 38A¢a‚¬a„¢ to water, 800 glns hour, Cement Tank & Trough

Billys Dam A¢a‚¬" 4000 yard Dam (approx.) Open Dam, Fully fenced with square & runs onto Lane

Oakey Mill A¢a‚¬" 14A¢a‚¬a„¢ Comet Mill on 30A¢a‚¬a„¢ Tower on Bore 40A¢a‚¬a„¢ deep, 13A¢a‚¬a„¢ to water. Well in excess of 5000 glns hour. 30,000 gln Squatters Tank & Concrete Trough. Stand by Bore 40A¢a‚¬a„¢ deep, 13A¢a‚¬a„¢ to water, well in excess of 5000 glns hour. Jet Pump suction in place. No Pump.
Tramline Dam A¢a‚¬" 5000 yards approx.

Gap Creek Dam A¢a‚¬" Water harvesting Licence from the Burdekin River.
3000 megalitre dam.
Irrigation Licence: 55025A - 300 Litres/sec (This is not a misprint)
Irrigation Licence: 55036A - 300 Litres/sec (This is not a misprint)
One licence to pump out of the river & one licence to pump out of the dam.
Irrigation Licence: 45037A - 23 Litres/sec
Irrigation Licence: 17666A - 42 Litres/sec

All Boundary fenced with 3 barb on most of the Boundary. Subdivided into eight main Paddocks with Holding Paddocks around all Waters and most of the Holding Paddocks feed into a Mustering Lane.

3 Sets of Cattle Yards.

House Yards - constructed of railway line posts and split ironbark rails and cable yards. Single Ramp, Vet Crush, Race, Dip, 6 way Overhead draft and Branding Cradle with shaded branding area. Plunge Cattle Dip. Sprinkler System. Holds 2000 cattle. 5 Holding Paddocks.

Rocky Bar Yard A¢a‚¬" consists of a Cable cooler with Portable Panels a main fixture with Loading Ramp, Vet Crush & Branding Cradle and overhead Drafts. 1 main Holding Paddock.

Emu Apple Yards A¢a‚¬" consists of Portable Panels as a fixture with Loading Ramp and overhead Drafts. 2 Holding Paddocks.

Extensive Laneway System with 3 main Laneway Systems.

CATTLE: Good quality mostly grey Brahman Cattle including:

2296 Breeders
41 Bulls
372 Branded Male Calves
386 Branded Heifer Calves
488 No 9 Steers
428 No 0 Steers
315 No 1 Steers


428 No 0 Steers, 315 No 1 Steers, 326 Breeders, 4 Bulls, 37 Branded Male Calves, 41 Branded Heifer Calves, are on A¢a‚¬A"Burdekin DownsA¢a‚¬ but are included in the total numbers of 4326

PLANT: 2009 Western Star Prime Mover with Hallmark Double & Single Cattle Trailers
Fiat-Allis Loader FD 20, 200 HP with 16A¢a‚¬a„¢ Stick Rake & 3 metre Bucket
Mitsubishi 400 Grader
Toyota Landcruiser (Unreg.)
Brentwood Tri-axle Low Loader
Cig A¢a‚¬" Weld 500 amp Welder/Generator with Trailer
Polaris Ranger
Grizzly 600 Yamaha 4 wheeler Bike
Toyota Hilux (fencing A¢a‚¬" Chainsaws, Gen set Welder,Electric Post Driver. Hino 1979 Truck (2 x 3000 Tanks)
Massey Ferguson 4WD 70HP King Hitter Post .Driver
Cement Mixer, Slasher, Post Hole Borer Hydraulic Bucket & Forks.
Petrol Toyota
D7E Power Shift 180HP Blade & Ripper
2x 400 Dist Tanks & 12V Electric Pumps
Molasses Gear Pump

CARRYING CAPACITY: 3000 Mixed cattle


A¢a‚¬A"Oakey ParkA¢a‚¬ a renowned Cattle Grazing Property situated close to Townsville & Charters Towers with approx. 13km frontage to the Burdekin River, 4 Irrigation Licences. Potential for mixed grazing and cropping.

"The above information has been supplied to us by the Vendor. We do not accept responsibility to any person for its accuracy and do no more than pass this information on. Interested parties should make and rely upon their own enquiries in order to determine whether or not this information is in fact accurate."

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